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Welcome to Harris Free School Peckham !


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Year 3 using ipads to complete their End of Unit assessments.


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Year 2 Science 🌱 plants 🌱


Year 4 Computing 💻


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Astronomical Clocks in Science - how will the shadows have changed by Monday? 🕰 🌞 ☁️


Year 5 using concrete resources for subtraction


Year 5 and Year 6 battling rolling numbers on Teams. Well done UKS2🏅


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Once a week our teachers mark the pupils’ ‘Big Write’ together to share ideas, examples and successes. Team Work 🖊 😊


Each One - Teach One in Year 6 maths (one pupils teaches the method and the other pupil does the equation, then swap) everyone is a teacher in HFSP ✏️📚👩‍🏫

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















Dear Parents/Carers,

This term, our pupils will be learning about Relationships as part of their Personal, Social Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum.

We have also introduced and have focused on our very own set of Peckham Manners which focus on:

  • Playground Manners
  • Engagement Manners
  • Communication Manners
  • Kind Words Manners
  • Health Manners
  • Acts of Kindness Manners
  • Mealtime Manners

These manners are reinforced in class every day so please ask your child about them.

Relationships have a profound impact on a person’s sense of security and emotional well-being in childhood and adulthood. Therefore, Health and Relationship Education was made compulsory in schools across England from September 2020.

We recognise that parents are the first teachers to their children. We want to share the purpose and content of the Relationship Education curriculum so that we can work together to develop your child’s understanding of healthy and safe relationships.

What is the statutory Relationship Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education guidance?

This document sets out the legal duties with which schools must comply when teaching Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education. Page 19-22 of the guidance outlines what children need to know by the end of primary school with regards Relationship Education.

This guidance has informed the content of our Relationship Education curriculum.

What is the purpose of Relationship Education in Primary School?

The key aim of Relationship Education is to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to foster healthy, happy and secure relationships. This in turn will safeguard them from potentially harmful relationships both on- and offline now and in the future.

The Relationship Education curriculum aims to teach pupils:

  • To understand the features of positive relationships, including family relationships, friendships and relationships with other significant adults and children.
  • To identify less positive relationships and what they can do to keep themselves safe.
  • To respect differences in the way that families and relationships look, and appreciate that different relationships are still characterised by love and care.
  • To foster characteristics such as honesty, kindness and self-awareness that will allow them to form and maintain respectful relationships.
  • To understand how to keep themselves safe online.
  • To understand boundaries and privacy and that they have the rights to their own body.

Who has the Relationship Education curriculum being developed by?

A team of practitioners across the Harris Federation have worked together across the past year to develop the Relationship Education curriculum and accompanying teaching resources. Their work has been informed by the expert advice and guidance from the PSHE Association, the national body for PSHE.

Their work reflects the commitment to ensure that the subject content is age- and developmentally appropriate, and that it is taught sensitively and inclusively with respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of pupils and parents.

The curriculum content and resources have then been further adapted by your child’s class teacher to ensure that it reflects the prior knowledge and needs of the pupils in the class.

Does Relationship Education involve Sex education?

In the Autumn Term, our KS1 pupils will be taught about privacy, boundaries and keeping their own body private.

However, this unit of work does not include content on puberty or sex education. We will consult with parents prior to the Summer Term when this content is due to be taught

Can I withdraw my child from Relationship Education?

Relationship Education in Primary school is now statutory. Therefore, parents cannot request for their child to be withdrawn from Relationship Education lessons.

However, understandably, parents may have queries about the content of these lessons. At the end of this letter, we outline the sequence of lessons for each year group and how they meet the requirements of the statutory guidance for your information.

Parents do have the right to withdraw their child from sex education lessons. As stated above, this term we will not be teaching sex education. Parents will be notified of the content of the sex education curriculum. Prior to the Summer term. At this point, parents will be asked if they wish to withdraw their child from these lessons.  

How will the Relationship Education Curriculum be monitored and evaluated?

The content and teaching of the Relationship Education curriculum will undergo regular and rigorous monitoring and evaluation to ensure that we fulfil our duty to teach the statutory content whilst meeting the needs of our pupils. Our governing body will hold us to account in ensuring that the quality of provision is subject to regular and effective self-evaluation.

The curriculum team responsible for writing the curriculum will receive feedback from all academies across the Harris Federation to be able to further develop and improve the teaching resources.

At the academy level, we will ensure that our staff have the subject knowledge and confidence to teach this content effectively and foster a safe and inclusive environment in the classroom.

Who can I discuss the Relationship Education curriculum with?

Any member of the leadership team will be available to discuss the relationship curriculum. Mrs Hurley is the Curriculum Lead for PSHE. In more regular circumstances, we would hold a information session but regrettably, COVID restrictions prevent us form doing this at the moment.

Relationship Education is an important opportunity to support our pupils to navigate relationships in a respectful and healthy manner. This fulfils our moral obligation to prepare our pupils for secondary school and adulthood and empower them to be happy and successful citizens. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Marie Corbett

Executive Principal