We loved our parachute games at lunchtime today 💕


Year 5 have made some brilliant bird boxes for their Easter DT project!


A massive thank you to and for "visiting" HFSP this week - nothing beats meeting and talking to an author about their experiences to inspire our own reading and writing!


Happy belated World Book Day 2021 from HFSP! (2/2)


Happy belated World Book Day 2021 from HFSP! (1/2)


Year 4 Meet the Author - Jenny Pearson 📚


Welcome back KS2 👨‍💻 ✍️ 😃


Welcome back Key Stage 1 📚 🧮


Welcome back Early Years 🦕 🦖


Happy world book day! Look at our amazing crayons 🖍 📚


The final push! One-to-one Phonics tutoring for our pupils learning online.


How does a holiday to Mount Etna sound? Year 4 learning about volcanoes in Geography.


Year 4 carrying out a Science experiment learning about the harmful effects certain liquids can have on our teeth. science


Porridge making in Agra Deedy


Reception are getting ready for Chinese New Year 🧧 🍜


Securing those number bonds 🧮


Key Stage One took part in their Speech Bubbles session today. Children from home and from school participated 🙂


Year 4 have created their very own Roman God Trump cards this week! Who’s the strongest? 💪


Year 4 have created some fantastic diagrams of the digestive system for Science!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Admissions Consultation

Admission authorities (individual academies) must consult on their admission arrangements at least once every seven years, even if the arrangements have not changed during that time.

Harris Primary Free School Peckham -Admissions Consultation Notice

The Governing body of Harris Primary Free School Peckham have now consulted on the admission arrangements for students applying for places for the academic year beginning in September 2022.  We are required to consult on our admission arrangements when there are significant changes and/or at least every seven years.

We believe it is important for all stakeholders, including prospective parents and carers, to understand how our Academy manages the admission process. The Trust Board have developed a Trust wide template policy for use by all Harris academies to ensure consistency, clarity and compliance with the Admission Code. This may look different to previous policies, but we are simply setting out our existing criteria in a clearer way.

Determined changes to the policy include reduction in Published Admission Number (PAN) a change of wording and clarification regarding definitions. They are as follows: -

Published Admission Numbers (PANs)

It is proposed to reduce the PAN for Reception to 30 pupils due to the falling demand in London Borough of Southwark over the last 3 years.

Definition of a 'Parent

'A 'parent' includes a natural or adoptive parent of the child (regardless of whether they child lives with them, has contact with them, or they have parental responsibility for the child).  It also includes a person who is not a natural or adoptive parent of the child, but who has care of and/or parental responsibility for the child.

Definition of a Sibling

For the purpose of this category, a 'sibling' is a full sibling (sharing both parents), a half sibling (sharing one parent), an adopted sibling, a long term foster sibling (i.e. not a temporary placement), a step sibling (one child's parent married to the other child's parent), or a child of their parent's cohabiting partner.  In all cases, the sibling must live at the child's home address (as defined by this policy) as part of the same core family unit.  For the avoidance of doubt, a child of a friend or extended family member (e.g. cousin) will not be a 'sibling' for this purpose, even if they live at the same address as the applicant child.

For inclusion in this category, parents must state the sibling's details in the application form. 

Changes to the oversubscription Criterion

Children with an Exceptional Social or Medical Need

For inclusion in this category, the child must have an exceptional social and/or medical need which means that only Harris Primary Free School Peckham is suitable for the child to attend, and no other local school is suitable, supported by an appropriate professional. For the avoidance of doubt, it must be the applicant child who has the exceptional social and/or medical need, not any other person, including close family members living at the same address as the applicant child.

Applications in this category must be accompanied by a completed Exceptional Social and/or Medical Need Supplementary Information Form, to be received by the application deadline. The same parent must complete both this form and the application form giving only their details.

Part A must be completed by the parent, and Part B must be completed, signed and stamped by an appropriate professional (e.g. GP, hospital consultant, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or similar professional). This form is available to download on the Academy’s website, or in hard copy format from the Academy’s main office.

Change to Tie Breaker Definition

Where there are more applications than places remaining in any of the oversubscription categories, the order in which places will be allocated will be determined by the distance between the child's home address (as defined by this policy) and the Academy, with those living nearest receiving highest priority.

Distance will be measured in a straight line from the front door of the child's home address to the Academy's main gate using London Borough of Southwark’s dedicated software for this purpose. 

Where the child lives in a multi-dwelling building (for example, an apartment block), distance will be measured from same point in the building so that the distance will be the same for all children living there. 

Where two or more children live an equal distance from the Academy (including where they live in the same multi-dwelling building), the order in which places are allocated will be determined by random allocation supervised by someone who is independent of the Academy.

The consultation ran over 8 weeks from 04.12.2020 to 29.01.2020.  

The full Determined admissions arrangements for 2022-2023 can be found by Clicking Here.

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Executive Principal

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