We are resilient learners 👩🏽‍🎓


Camp fire songs to end our amazing trip and our last day in year 6! 🎉


The dorm award goes to…! Well done all!


And the farmers of the week are…. !!! Well done team!


Our talent show by the sea is underway!


Our beach trip was a success! Thank you farms for city children!!


We are so proud of all the children in EYFS 😊 Happy graduation and we cannot wait to see you in Year 1!


What a wonderful playground! Football pitch with a view!


Coastal Walks in Wales! What can you see, hear and smell?


Thank you for a brilliant afternoon browsing and choosing amazing books to celebrate a year of great reading!


Dinner is served!


Planting potatoes! 🥔


Year 5 trip to Burgess Park


Brightening up a cloudy day in Wales with some fresh flower arranging


Farming before lunch!


Already a busy morning here 🍳


Taking the donkeys for a walk


Chopping wood and mucking out the chickens


Feeding the animals, weeding and watering the sweetcorn and cutting and arranging flowers!


An early morning walk with the sheep before breakfast

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Harris EYFS Long Term Plan

Harris EYFS (Nursery & Reception) Peckham Park and Peckham Free school - Long term plan 2020-2021.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


All about me/Ourselves


*Harvest Festival (Approx 21-23rd Sept)

Festivals and celebrations & Glitter & Sparkle


*Bonfire night (5th Nov)

  • Diwali (14th Nov)
  • Christmas (25th December)

Pirates & People who help us


* Chinese New Year (12th Feb)

Mythical Creatures & Dinosaurs


  • Mothers Day (14th March)
  • Easter (2-4th April)

Traditional tales (UK & The World)



*Ramadan (12/4- 11/5)

*Eid (12-13th May)

Minibeasts & Sowing a seed/lifecycles



*Father’s Day (20th



So Much, I will never ever eat a tomato & I am Henry Finch


*Non-Fiction Harvest Festival Book

Halibut Jackson.

The magic paintbrush.


*Bonfire night (PP Twinkl)

*Lighting a lamp & Non- fiction Diwali book

*The Christmas Story

The Night Pirate The Jolly Postman

Non-Fiction books Re: people who help us

*The Great Race (Chinese New


Where the Wild things are.

Additional book: The Gruffalo


Dinosaur Roar!/Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Little Red, Anansi the Spider & Bringing the Rain to Kapti Plain


*Ramadan Moon

*Eid al-Fitr (PP on Twinkl)

Oi Frog!

The Tiny seed


Additional books: The Tadpoles Promise


Settling in, learning and following class/school rules.

Indoor & outdoor voices Bring in baby photo & family photo for


Sharing photos/experience of celebrations and special times.

Circle times – Getting to know each other more

Understanding right and wrong


Thinking about how we can help others

Exploring and understanding friends and family’s needs and feelings.

Negotiating and sharing ideas to develop fairy tale narratives.

Caring for a plant- working as part of a class or group to do so. Taking turns and sharing responsibility to keep the plant alive.



Building confidence – Circle times – ‘Bounce the

teddy song’






Communication and language

Sharing ‘all about me’ bags with class circle time.

Role play festivals and celebrations we learn about.

Expressing what we like about a story.



Share ideas about what makes us confident and feeling proud of


Fairy tale puppets to retell stories.

Predict what will happen to the plant and discuss how we might look after them.

Physical development

Moving with confidence in different ways Negotiating space and adjusting speed (Traffic lights, stuck in the mud, follow the leader, bumper cars, bean game) Developing pincer pen hold. Developing letter formation


Travelling on/over/around/under balancing equipment in different ways.


Handwriting books and finger gym, dough disco.

Developing ball skills – rolling, throwing, catching, bean bags into hoops/buckets.


Handwriting books and finger gym, dough disco.

Developing ball skills kicking/controlling football and passing.


Handwriting books and finger gym, dough disco.

Bat and ball skills. Balancing beanbags on bats, hitting bean bags with bags.

Handwriting books and finger gym and dough disco.

Hop confidently and skip in time to music.


Act out being frogsporne, changing to a tadpole, froglet, then frog.


Handwriting- beginning to be able to write on lines and control letter size (exc).



Name writing Initial sounds- phonics.


All about me books.

Set 1 and learning to blend- phonics.


Writing Diwali & Christmas cards.

Set 1 revision, learning to blend revision and green words- phonics.

Set 1 and 2revision, learning to blend revision and green words- phonics.

Set 1 and 2 revision, learning to blend revision and green words- phonics.


Write letters to tale characters.

Write letters to new teacher/end of year review for learning journey.


Recognise numbers 0- 10/20. Numicon recognition.

Count objects 0-

10 with 1-1 correspondence.

Compare objects by weight-

Ordering numbers & numicon to 10/20

Ordinal numbers.

Create simple/repeating patterns.

Doubling/Halving Measuring time in simple ways Capacity.

Addition/ subtraction. Measure.

Prepositions (Under,over, next to, behing, above etc…)

1 more/1 less

Compare objects by length/height.

Estimation – How many spoons of seeds to fill a container?

Understanding of the World

Show an interest in the lives of people familiar to

them- getting to know ourselves & our new class mates.


Display Healthy eating

Talk about celebrations and special times for themselves and their families.


*Make Diwali sweets/cakes

Share events, people and places that are important to us.


Chinese New Year celebrations (12th February).

*Make Chinese food (Spring rolls?)

Compare similarities and differences between us and our friends and our lives.

Draw/design on MS paint a house that you would like to live in.

Observe and discuss change over time-plants and growing.


Learn about the lifecycle of a frog.

Expressive Arts and design

Self-portraits. Family portraits.

Bonfire night marble paintings/collage Bubble blowing paintings.

Diwali paintings/collage

Chinese New Year writing. Chinese drums. Lanterns.

Junk modelling dinosaurs and mythical creatures.

Design and label a new house.

Design and make our favourite

Make a life cycle of a plant/frog- explore textures and materials Pictures of our class




Healthy/Non- healthy eating


Christmas cards & decorations



buildings, things to do, places to see.